Jul 26, 2023

Days Like These ~

 No man needs a vacation so much
 as the man who has just had one..

Vacation 😂.  No one need a vacation more than the ones 
coming from a vacation.  You get to enjoy time with everyone, 
and at the same time wear your self out.  Livin' the dream.

Arvid and I have had a couple of crossings on the ferry. 
 Bastø Fosen is a shipping company that operates the Moss–Horten 
Ferry, is the most trafficked ferry route in Norway.  Annually, 3.8 million 
passengers and 1.8 million vehicles are transported on this route.

The world’s largest all-electric ferry yet has gone into service in
 Norway on a route across the Oslo Fjord. Bastø Electric is the first of
 three battery-powered ferries operated by the shipping company Bastø 
Fosen to enter Norwegian waters with more in the making in Turkey.

The route is scenic and our crossings are usually 30 minute each way.

Also yesterday was really the first day we actually did 
something on our own, and the first day the sun actually came
 out and it was warmer that the previous.  Definitely the afternoon
 turned out to be beautiful, and we sure made the most of it.

Back at home my Sniff is waiting for me.  He
 knows his mama will soon be there with him. 

A good vacation is over when you
 begin to yearn for your work...