Jul 24, 2023

Monday July 24th ~

A new week rolls in.  A week full of promise,
 potential and endless possibilities...

 As the new week begins, I am grateful for all 
the good times I have had so far with family.  I have 
enjoyed it all and am very satisfied.  I now look forward
 to the new week and what it holds.  There is always
 something good waiting right around the corner.

The new week brings us new strengths, 
new possibilities and hopefully better attitude.

Spending time with the ones you love is always good for your mental health.

The best part of it all, the new week brings me closer to being 
home with Sniff.  After all is said and done, he is my happy place.

To all a very good day.  We are looking forward to
 some good times with our two eldest granddaughters.  Today 
we go to the movies with them and then they sleepover with us.

Whenever I think about you being my granddaughter,
 I'm filled with overwhelming pride and gratitude...