Jan 12, 2024

Friday January 12th~

The eagle has no fear of adversity...

Yesterday we all went to the eagles nest to see M15, F23 and E23. 
 I actually did see M15 and F23, but E23 is not visible from the 
ground.  He's all tucked in the nest.  I saw F23 feeding him and
 then she and M15 flew up on the branch.  I was so happy. 

We also spent time with my parents.  Never a dull time. 
 My dad tells stories from way back in time of his younger days. 
 Arvid reciprocates and tells some of his own.  Not sure 
whose are funnier, but for sure we are entertained.

One of my dad's story was so hilarious, my mom just
 could not stop laughing.  Add to that Arvid's very funny
comeback, and it was loud at our table.  In a happy way.

Every time my dad or mom shares a story I learn a little 
more of about how their life was many years ago.  They
 didn't have much, but they were rich in friends, love and 
their generosity, which to this day has not changed.

The day was so good.  We say the Eagles, whom I love and 
spent time with my parents.  Simple things, but I'm so happy. 
 Of course there is Sniff who no matter what the day hold is always 
there to love and hold.  I love our Sniff so much.  My happy place.

Focus on the moments that make you smile....