Jan 27, 2024

Saturday January 27th~

We must learn to live together as
 brothers or perish together as fools...

Perfect start of the morning.  A beautiful sunrise.

 My uncle turned 90 yesterday and today there is a big 
birthday party to celebrate him.  If you're not Indian, and Arvid
 sure isn't even though people always mistake his accent for 
Indian, it can be extremely OVERWHELMING.  

Many a times when we meet someone whom Arvid has 
only spoken with on the phone, their first reaction is, "I thought
 you were Indian over the phone.😂"   I guess I have rubbed off in
 him in more ways than I know.  on the other hand, my mom always 
says, "you now sound like Arvid."  I don't see it, but there it is.

Back to my uncles party, Indians do it differently 
than most.  The people invited invite their friends as well.
  It's an open invitation to bring other family members. 

 The drinks are never-ending and the food is always more
 than you can eat.  The old fashioned way, you never count how 
many are coming you just prepare for more than you invited.  
The younger generation is different as it should be.

Arvid asked me, "are they going to make LONG speeches?" 
 I said to him, "remember that time I went with you to your 
aunt's birthday party in Norway?  Her daughter babbled for
 almost an hour."  Payback is a B***H.  I don't like to call 
it revenge 😂  Returning the favor sounds much better.

In general Arvid does not like huge gatherings be it my family
 or  his family.  We like a small gathering 6-8 people.  Makes it cozier. 
 Anything more than that for Arvid is a nightmare.  Imagine today with
 probably 50-100 people?  The man is already sweating, but my dad
 has convinced him he will have a good time.  I stayed quiet 😂

It will be an "interesting" time for sure 🙏

It's different cultures that make the world go 
'round at the end of the day.  The beauty of 
the world lies in the diversity of its people...