Jan 29, 2024

Monday January 29th ~

No matter whether you believe in luck
 or chance, the final decision is from yourself...

Arvid keeps himself busy all the time.  Nothing new, 
but at times I am starting to wonder if there is another reason.  
Does he need to prove that he can do as much now as when he 
was younger?  Not to me because I know he has more 
energy than anyone I know.  Me included.

If we don't go for a walk, he climbs the stairs.  We live on
 the 12th floor and each set of stairs has 16 steps.  He climbs a
 total of 192 steps when there is nothing else to do.  I can't even 
do it without almost dying.  Although we did do it during the
 hurricane last year.  Several times, I didn't die, I'm still here.

As the new week begins I can't wait to see what else he
 does to stay busy.  The balcony has been swept several times 
now.  Yeah, he prepared big time for my sisters.  The washed
 the sliding doors and whatever else could be done he did.

I miss my little sister a lot.  She is a force all by herself.
  A happy one.  Arvid and I had a great time with her
 @ Nervous Nellie's Fort Myers Beach one day after
 their grand reopening after Hurricane Ian 💚

The weather continues to thrill us.  It's winter, 
then summer, spring.  All seasons in one week.

Arvid and Sniff are doing good having a great time together.

Grateful souls focus on the happiness
 and abundance present in their lives and this in turn
 attracts more abundance and joy towards them...