Jan 6, 2024

Saturday January 6th~

A sun rise person looks at life as a series of 
new beginnings and is willing to start afresh...
An early morning sunrise.  No matter where you go
 it's always beautiful.  This was two days ago.

It has to be Florida when even all your gas stations have palm trees.

 A little from Mecum Auctions.  Donald Trump is all over the place.

The day starts out nice and warm even if a bit gloomy. 
 Seems like more bad weather is on its way.  Judging by 
Sniff's expression you know he's not too happy about it.

A little balcony time for the boys, but something
 spooked Sniff and he took off like a bat outta hell.

Wishing everyone a very good day.  Life is good and I'm grateful.

Surprise is one  of the greatest gifts which life can grant us...