Mar 14, 2024

Driftwood Beach~ Jekyll Island, Georgia

Life's too short to not enjoy the beach.
The beach is another of my happy places...

 Just like me, many others appreciate the beauty of 
Driftwood Beach. Definitely a special place.

This is from someone called momE1 from Virginia,
 "Oh my - this is an absolute MUST stop! Honestly the 
driftwood is beyond description - I've never seen anything like it. 
Easy walk to the beach, and easy walk on the beach. These 
huge live oaks and palm trees that are on the shore are nature's 
artistry at it's most interesting. Definitely worth the trip!!

Arvid and I have been many times to Jekyll Island,
 he never has the time to do anything other than his trades, 
which he loves.  Leaves me with a day to explore Driftwood
 Beach and surrounding areas.  I don't think I will ever 
get tired of going there.  It's usually just once a year.

The day I was there started out chilly at a cool 47F (8C), it did
 warm up nicely.  Because it was so cold I did not expect to see as
 many people as I did.  They just kept coming and coming.
  It's the perfect walking beach and great for pictures.

Just enjoying the peacefulness of the beach like so many others.

I hope Arvid's next February trade meeting in 2025 will be in Jekyll Island. 

For me it is always a treat to be able to have time 
to do what makes me happy.  It re-energizes me, and
 I know Arvid feels the same.  I hope he does

All that being said and done, we were happy
 to be back home with Sniff.  I love him so much it 
scares me that I am the dependent one here.

A good day to all.  A little Florida humor for the day.

No matter what you're going through, a little
 humor/laughter makes you forget about your problems...