Mar 28, 2024

Thursday March 28th~

 Happiness isn’t a goal… it’s a by-product of a life well lived...

Going back to Fort Lauderdale brings back a lot of 
great memories and beautiful times we have had.  Arvid 
and I have lived in many a beautiful places and the last one 
we had in Fort Lauderdale was sure one of my favorites.  
How can you beat this view we had from our balcony? 

I did get to the Swap Shop and did get many of my favorite fruit.  
That alone makes the two and a half hour long trip worthwhile.

In the middle of all the rushing and people, we did get to spend
 a few good hours with Victoria and Michael.  Made up for the
 hecticness of the day.  We did get to Houston's for lunch and as
 always that was as always a perfect time.  It would have been nice 
to be able to celebrate a little with everyone, but our drive was 2.5

Back home our Sniff was waiting at the door.  No
 matter what, it's always so good to be back home.

Happiness is seeing life for what it is in all the little moments...