Mar 9, 2024

Saturday March 9th ~

Every outing is a learning experience...
Sunseeker Resort in Port Charlotte opened on
 December 15, 2023.  Located on the water in Port Charlotte, 
Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor brings breezy 
Florida resort life within easy reach for all

Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor offers 
endless options for dining, with a variety of
 global cuisines to satisfy any craving.

It all started out with Arvid asking if I wanted to go and
 see the eagles nest.  M15, F23 and their baby E23.  Of course 
I said yes.  I didn't see M15 nor F23 but I got a few pictures of 
little (not so little) E23.  Made my day.  Then Arvid said, "why don't 
we go for a drive by Sunseeker Resort."   Why would I not agree?

Sniff as usual is taking it easy.  No stress in his life.

Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more,
 and don't get so worked up about things...