Mar 2, 2024

Saturday March 2nd~

Never underestimate the power you
 have to take your life in a new direction...

 Just day two of this month.  It promises to be a good 
one for all.  Spring is coming.  There is daylight savings time
 around the corner, and many days of warmth and sunshine
 follows after a long cold spell spread out in the last few
 months.  Ahhh March please be good to us all.

My hoarseness is almost all gone.  So happy about that.  
Yesterday I was finally able to speak to two sisters and my
 mom for the first time in about 20 days.  Arvid is on his
 way to feeling better again as well, as long as he does 
not talk too much😂.  Yes, March is looking good.

Arvid's day is filled with soccer.  Happy man.  Wishing 
everyone a good day and may March be good to all of us.

Do today what should be done. 
Your tomorrow may never come...