Mar 22, 2024

Friday March 22nd~

 It's a beautiful day,  I think I'll skip
 my meds and stir things up a bit...

Yesterday Arvid and Sniff went out on the balcony for 
a little, while I was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch.  They 
relaxed, I worked.  Arvid got there first, but then he left and 
Sniff "stole" his chair.  Arvid got back, Sniff looked at him,
 then Arvid brought the second chair and the two shared
 time on the balcony.  I like seeing them like this.

It is predicted to rain the entire day, and they didn't lie.  
It is already raining.  A good day to go to the movies, that is 
unless there is so much rain.  Arvid does not like rain, 
personally I don't mind, but that does not mean I 
want to get get out and get all wet either.

Today our eldest grand-daughter turns 11.  I look 
at he and my hear melts.  Happy birthday Aleah.

December 2013, the first time we saw her.
  She was already 8 months and some weeks.  Loved
 her from day one and it has only gotten better.

Wishing everyone a happy day.  Tomorrow our 
nephew max turns 31.  The time is going so fast.
  Just the "other" Max was just a baby as well.

Time flies but memories last forever.  
The love we share with family makes time fly by