Mar 24, 2024

Sunday March 24th~

Some people look for a beautiful place. 
Others make a place beautiful...

 Sniff and I have been awake since 3am.  Sniff has 
been brushed, played with and fed.  Now he is back 
to taking a snooze.  Wish I could do the same.

Getting up this early is not to my liking.  By early afternoon 
I am so very tired.  I wish I know why I wake up this early.
  I try to go back to sleep, but after lots of turning and 
twisting I give up and get out of the bed.  Long days'

Yesterday Arvid and I went out and listened to music.  
Little did we know that there was music everywhere.  Seems
 there was some kind of motorcycle gathering, lots of motorcycles
 so each restaurant and street corner had live music.  Was a treat
 all right.  The music was also good.  We had a good time.

We checked out the music in a few places.  Met a few 
people and now we are a little "worried" that we have suddenly 
become their best friends.  The lady has not stopped texting me.  Arvid
 said the husband was nice, but that the lady was a little "too much" 

It's Palm Sunday today.  When we were little girls
 growing up in Guyana the church played a big role
 in our lives.  As I grew up, I just didn't feel it.

I don’t go to church regularly.
 But I pray for answers to my problems...