Oct 3, 2013

A School Project...

I've learned that life's lessons never end and
wisdom can always be passed on...

My niece Reshma as I have mentioned before is 14 years old, but with a knowledge
 far superior than many I know.  She keeps me in touch with her life in Vermont  
either by emails or texts combined with pictures.  Always entertaining and more.  

Yesterday her mom my sister sent us all two pictures of Reshma with a doll. 
Not just any doll.  This was a class project on preventing teen pregnancy.
Each student was partnered up with another and was given the responsibility
to care for the doll.  This doll cries, burps, hiccups and wets the diaper.

Talking to Reshma I gathered that it was a very difficult few nights for her.
She told us that the doll woke up two times in the night and cried like crazy.  She
 had to get up to take care of the "baby" otherwise no one had any sleep.  Her
dad even said that if the "baby" did not stop crying he would have to sleep in the 
basement.  I asked Reshma how she handled having a baby and she said it was tough.

She also told me that if you did not support the baby's neck properly
there was a snap sound and the doll shrieked.  She said until you 
held her properly the doll never stopped crying.  I asked her what did 
she do and she said that it got to the point where she also wanted to cry in 
pure frustration.  Seems like if you don't take care of the "baby" it never stops crying.

I asked Reshma what did she learn from this experience.  Her answer, "I'm never 
going to have kids".  I smiled and just said we will see about that.  For now
I think that was a good experience for her and classmates.  Today too many kids are
having kids.  I hope that none of my nieces nor nephews have kids before they have 
had the opportunity to live their lives, to travel and to full experience life before
bringing a child into the world.  

It's already Thursday, have a good one and don't forget to leave your
mark on life while you have it in your power.

Life is a journey with problems to solve,
lessons to learn, but most of all
experiences to enjoy...