Oct 30, 2013

Always In The Mood For Music...

People are like music.
Some speak the truth and some are just noise....

  This could have been what Arvid was saying last night, "dear music, I will never 
be able to thank you enough for always being there for me".

Like I have always said, there is not better way for us to relax than to lose 
ourselves into the music.  Granted both Arvid and I are not always in agreement 
with the same kind of music, but last night we were.

Almost every year John Fogerty comes to town.  Live at the hard Rock Seminole
Casino in Hollywood, Florida and we always go and see him.  
Arvid got the tickets months ago.  I believe he must have been the first one 
to log on to Ticketmaster just to be sure we get good seats as he says.

I like John Fogerty.  Being with Arvid it is impossible to not like him.
Arvid has all the CD's of CCR.  He even has 8 tracks which he has been playing 
recently.  To prepare for the concert, Arvid played John Fogerty most of the day
on the jukebox and "loosened" up with a few cold ones as my dad would say.

The music was very good.  John Fogerty is one of our favorite live
concerts.  Already Wednesday and I'm starting to think of the weekend.
Got more medicines for Brutus, whose paw is not healing.
For now all we can d is take it one day at a time and always hope.

Good day to all and remember the only difference
between a good day and a bad day is your attitude...

When words fail, music speaks.
Listen to the beat of your heart,
 then go out and create your own music...