Oct 21, 2013

Believe It Or Not...

I am patient with stupidity, 
but not with those who are proud of it...

Trying to make a statement.  This is what it get us!
An unidentified woman, dressed in pink after participating in a breast cancer 
walk, somehow got stuck in the bridge and managed to hold on for nearly an hour 
in the cross position before she was rescued. Some witnesses speculated that it was
 meant to be a stunt to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Fort Lauderdale firefighters rescued a breast cancer walk participant Saturday after she
got stuck on a railroad bridge as it was lifting into the air.

Arvid and I lived at one time not very far from this same bridge.
Hard to understand how and why she would get caught in this position
since this bridge is rarely used, but anything to cause an Internet sensation.

Her reward will be to face trespassing charges.
She did however make a statement.  
What it is only she knows!

Wishing you all a good start of the week and to be
more selective and lots wiser in your choices.

Count your good deeds every morning 
and fill your mind with positive thoughts.
That is the secret to being happy and inspired all day long.