Oct 20, 2013

So Far So Good...

Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are...

It has been a very relaxing weekend so far.  For a change it did not involve just music.
Don't get me wrong I enjoy music, but I also enjoy many other things.  I like diversity.
As we all know different is beautiful.  Different is good.

For something different , we visited a few art galleries on Las Olas.  It was actually
quite fun.  I don't think I am the artsy kind, but I do enjoy pretty things just like everyone.

Funny thing was that one of the galleries had an open house.  Lots of "free" food and drinks.
Amazing that some of the people just showed up for the freebies.  Usually Arvid and I 
never eat anything at these events.  I am a picky eater as is he and unless I know what it is,
I will not be trying it.  You can never be too careful as Arvid says.

After that we just toured what was our "old" neighborhood.  Visited a few of our 
favorite spots and of course Arvid had to try a few of the beers.  Pubbing he calls it.

We have watched the boats go by.  I have visited with friend.  Been to the mall
and even have  had Arvid agree to come with me to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Yes, so far so good.  Even Brutus is doing a bit better.  At least the paw
is not actively bleeding.  We call is progress.  As you know Sunday is catching
up with family day...

Wishing you all a good day and
never forget to look for the silver lining...

Not life, but good life is to be valued.
The only thing you ever have is now...