Oct 19, 2013

Brutus...An Update

It's OK to cry when you are in pain.
Remember tears are prayers too. 
They travel to God when we can't speak....

It has started again. 
 For about three months or so Brutus has not been to the vet.  He has been
taking oral medicines daily and for a while though not healed, he has been doing OK.

For the last few days his paw has been looking even more swollen and has 
been bloody on many spots.  Arvid and I are very concerned.  The worst part
is that we have no idea what to do to make him feel better.  Watching Brutus
bleed, limp and occasionally cry out in pain is more than either of us can take.

Arvid has a very hard time seeing him this way and tries everything
he can to comfort Brutus. Seeing Arvid carry him around the apartment is 
always a touching sight.  Arvid just wants to comfort Brutus in any which way 
possible. We both do.  I guess in some way it makes us feel better.

These last two days the paw has been bloody.  I immediately made an 
appointment with the vet and took him there today.  Nothing new.  The doctor
looked at him and more or less told me what I have already begun to suspect.
The doctor said he believes that Brutus will always have this problem with his paw.
On the other hand, the doctor said that Brutus was one of the healthiest most 
handsome kitties he has seen.  He has to say this I guess, but it made me feel good.

When Brutus and I walked into the examination room, the technician said,
"well I better get the doctor fast.  I don't want him (Brutus) to get pissed off".
Made me laugh and for a few minutes ease the stress.  Yes, we are always worried
about Brutus.  I worry daily and constantly.  Arvid says that he thinks Brutus
senses our distress and that makes him bite on the paw even more.

What can I say?  Brutus is our baby.  We love him with all our hearts and
seeing him hurt just tears us to pieces.  Breaks my heart to see him hurting and not 
being able to do anything to ease that pain.  Everyday I wake up hoping that today 
will be the day he will finally begin to feel better.  We always hope that
he will improve.  In the meantime, he continues on medication.  At some 
point, I will be taking him to another veterinarian just for a third opinion.
There are days when all I want to do is sit in a corner and cry and cry.  I don't 
because we believe Brutus senses our mood and this also affects him.

For Brutus nothing is too much because I love him.

Saturday morning.  Hope your day is full of pleasantness and that you
never lose faith that one day things that seem impossible may one day
be possible. Long time ago someone said to me that when life gets too 
hard to stand kneel.

Good morning all from Florida, the Sunshine State..

The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see
and knows what the mind cannot understand...