Oct 18, 2013

Island Hopping...

Don't allow yourself to wake up with yesterday's issues
troubling your mind.  Refuse to live backwards.  
See everyday as a NEW chapter.
Hello Friday....

Yesterday our friends left for Eleuthera on their boat and with their doggies.  The three of 
them pictured here,  all ready to go and sail away to what is now their Lil' Red House.

These doggies are experienced sailors.  This is not the first time they are making
this crossing so the look you see on their faces is not fear, but excitement and
anticipation of the journey ahead. They love to Island hop.

The queen of the house KK, as her husband calls her is force to reckon 
with.  She is fearless and as I say to her, "you are my hero".  There is nothing this
woman cannot do.  She is one heck of of a warrior in my book!  

Their journey is always followed by all on Facebook, where they post
their location on a tracking system.  This way we all know where they are and 
when they have arrived at their destination.  Pretty awesome way to keep track.

I, like many have been tracking their journey back home.  Just making sure they arrive safe 
and sound.  6:38 pm yesterday they made it safe back to their
home in Eleuthera.  We all breathed a sigh of relief.

Well it's Friday.  What does your weekend hold?
Arvid has presented me with a few options.  Of course they involve music.
Right now,  all I want is to relax and have a quiet weekend for a change.

Whatever it holds, I know it will be interesting to say the least.
Wishing you all good times and happy days. And never forget
to dream boldly and to hang on to your dreams.

May each day bring a feeling of excitement, joy,
smiles and a wonderful sense of expectation.
Expect the best and you will get it...