Oct 13, 2013


It's a new day, anything is possible.
Push it to the limit...

Whatever it is that this day holds, I hope you enjoy.  For many the colder weather is
 approaching. Enjoy the last few weeks of "summerish" warmth and prepare for the cold. 
 Just back from NC and the temperatures during the day was perfect, but you felt the 
chill once the sun went down.  Here in Florida we are also experiencing "cooler"
temperatures.  Yes!  That would be the 80's (F)

According to Arvid, nothing beats cooling off like cold beer and a few he had.
Yesterday was a good day.  We had lunch with a friend, then went to his home and
had a good time there also with him and Savannah, their dog.  he was feeling kinda
lonely because his wife was away visiting the grand kids.  We took him to lunch and
spent the afternoon with him.

 Good times for all of us.  I enjoyed the company of Savannah (doggie)very much
and according to Jim, I can entertain anyone.  Win Win.  Jim was happy and so
were we.  Was the perfect day for boats on the canal. Even managed
to snag a picture of Arvid pushing the grocery cart!

Perfect day and what better way to end it than to watch the sunset from apartment.

It's now Sunday morning and no better way to start the day than to see the sunrise
from the balcony.  Cafe in hand and I am ready for whatever the day brings.

Good morning Sunday and good morning friends!
Unwrap today as if it's the gift of a lifetime.

Happiness will never come to those who do not 
appreciate what they already have...