Oct 11, 2013

Good Times Everywhere...

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings,
and attract positive life experiences. So let
us always meet each other with a smile,
 for the smile is the beginning of love....

Yesterday was a long day for us.  We drove for 12 hours just to get home and be with
Brutus whom we always miss like crazy when away from him.  For most this drive
 is nothing.  My dad does it all the time and says it is not that long and he drives it all
alone.  Never wants my mom to drive.  In our case, both Arvid and I do the driving.
 I'm not crazy about the drive, but seeing my parents is worth it.

It was a beautiful drive back to Florida.  Going to NC it was horrible weather all the way
in Florida.  Boy what a difference that makes.  Seemed much shorter a trip getting back home.

Brutus of course was super happy to see us.  Never stopped running around us, meowing for
 us to play with him, and just flopping down so that we can brush him.  He even stalked
Arvid in the shower.

Aside from being back home with Brutus, the second best thing according to Arvid was that 
we would watch our TV show.  Last night we made it in time for The Big Bang Theory.
Do I need to say that Arvid was a happy man.  He so hates to miss and of his shows.
I could care less.  I like it also, but if I don't see it, that's OK as well.

The main reason to go to NC this time was to bring back all our "junk" we took there from Chicago.
Loading the minivan took all but one hour, thanks to my dad helping out with their golf cart.
Made it so much easier and so very fast.  My dad drove the cart and Arvid followed behind
to make sure the stuff did not fall off.  I carried boxes and more boxes to them.

Being done so fast gave us ample time to go to lunch and for my dad and Arvid to
have some extra time at their favorite pub while my mom and I visited the grocery store.

Today we will unload the minivan.  Hopefully it will go as smoothly as when we loaded it.
Getting a little tired of all this loading and unloading.  The mystery is where will we find
the room to accommodate all this stuff we brought back with us?  Can't wait to find out.

Well as usual Brutus and I are awake early.  Enjoying another beautiful sunrise and 
getting ready for what the day ahead holds.  One thing I know is that we are going to see
the first home game of the Florida Panthers (Hockey).  Yes, it's the weekend!
We will be there!

Enjoy the beginning of the weekend and as we say at my parents' home,
 Howdy Pardner.  Let the fun times begin!

Fridays bring the smell of the weekend.
Relaxation from daily works.
So be happy don't worry and keep smiling...