Jul 27, 2016

42 Things Every Foreigner Must Learn About Norway... Part 2

Strength lies in differences.  Not similarities.
How you look at it is pretty much how you'll see it...

Nothing wrong with being different.  In fact my entire life I have strived to be different. 
 I never wanted to be part of the crowd.  I would rather stick out than just be one of the same.

Remember being different is what makes us unique.  Makes us different.  Makes us 
stand out from the crowd.  As I said before, I strive to be different.  I am not
 one who necessarily wants to fit in just to please someone.

To all a good day and soon coming with the rest of what every foreigner should
 know about Norway.  Even Arvid was not aware of a few of these "facts"

Yesterday we had a very very good day.  We spent time with Victoria and Michael at
their home.  As always it is a pleasure being there.  Enjoying their home, view and always
 excellent food. We were also lucky because we were able to see Loffen, their kitty.

Later in the day we met with Michelle and Emil.  We also had a very good time with them.
 We had good food and lots of laughter.  One of our very best days so far, and we
 have had a few of them already, and look forward to more coming.

Differences simply act as a yarn of curiosity unraveling until we 
get to the other side.  I know there is strength in the differences
 between us. I know there is comfort where we overlap...