Jul 3, 2016

Sunday... To Relax

Make sometime for yourself today, to relax, reflect and revive your spirit...

Sundays..ohh so relaxing for all of us. 
 Sniff woke up ate and is back to dreamy land.

I have some bookkeeping to catch up with, but otherwise the day is open for anything.  
Sundays we detour from our "usual" days.  Means breakfast is an hour or so later than our
 usual days.  On Sundays we live dangerously.  Hahahaaha...Even I find it funny.

More soccer planned for today.  With the Euro Games going on our days are 
as I have said before scheduled around them.  Not a problem, cause I get to do some 
fun stuff I like; Arvid gets to watch the game; Sniff enjoys playtime with both of us,
 and then we do something together. This way everyone wins.  Everyone's happy.

Relax time comes/came easy for them. I can picture my Brutus all stretched out
right now.  How I wish I could just hold him again.  Shadow was such a baby.
From the day we got him he never had any trouble adjusting to us.  He just
loved life and was always a happy boy.  I miss my Brutus so very much.

Sniff Sniff as you can see is also a very happy kitty.  He makes us happy.
One day I want to get back to the stage in life where I am peaceful again.  When I
will learn to accept Brutus is no longer with us, and to deal with the way Shadow died.
 It's not always present, but at the same time it's never far from my thoughts.

To all a very happy Sunday, and keep on enjoying the long July 4th weekend.
Remember sometimes the most productive thing you can do it relax.

Life is a Sunday.  There are bad days ahead and behind, but it's all OK if you
 live for today.   A Sunday well spent brings a week on content..