Jul 18, 2016

So Far So Good....

The best things in life are the people we love, the places we've been
and the memories we've made and keep making along the way...

Getting to Norway this year was quite an adventure.  One I hope we do not have to redo in
 the summers to come.  We left on Thursday from Chicago, but due to very bad weather 
in NYC the plane was unable to take off.  That was the official story.  It was true.

After a four hour delay we finally took of to JFK, but we missed our connecting flight to 
Norway.  We had to purchase new tickets for the following day.  That meant a 24 hour wait 
until our fight to Norway.  OK what can we do?  I started calling to book a hotel
 for the night, but after 30 calls and nothing available, Arvid and I were 
just about thinking we would have to spend the night at the airport.  

Fortunately, one of the ticket agents who was helping us found us a hotel.  After seeing it, 
I am not sure it qualifies as a hotel.  The first thing you saw were 2 security guards and steel
 doors.  Well what a dilemma.  Should we stay or should we leave?  Was already midnight
 and we had no other options.  Hence the choice was already made.

Friday we had more hours than we liked to spend at JFK airport.  With 3 suitcases and a
 heat wave in NYC there was no way we were going to do the tourist thing. The 
airport with A/C was the best option at that time.  I like airports, but was in
 no mood to do much checking out.  Just wanted to get in the plane 
and get to our destination.  We were exhausted!

We eventually made it to Norway on Saturday.  We were very tired, but we still visited 
Arvid's mom. She was waiting and it was only right to go.  As always, Arvid who 
was even more exhausted than I was started to come alive around 8pm. 

After visiting his mo we visited our favorite hangout.  Fishland.  There we relax and we
 wind down after that long trip to Norway.  A couple of beers for Arvid, a shrimp salad
 and coffee for me, and we were relaxed and suddenly not as exhausted anymore.

Yesterday we woke up at 4am, but fell asleep again within 2 hours to not wake up until 
after noon.  A very first for us.  Then it was a little visit to his mom's.  She has an awesome
 view and it's relaxing to sit in her balcony and just look at the boats and people pass by.

After that as I mentioned it was lunch with the girls, their better half and our 2 
granddaughters.I have to say that so far it has been good times all around.  More to come.

Good morning from Norway, land of the midnight sun
 and some pretty amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Life is a beautiful collage of priceless moments and memories, 
which when pieced together creates a unique treasured masterpiece...