Jul 17, 2016


Hot dog.  I feel lucky tonight...

The first thing we do after clearing customs is head straight to the hotdog stand.
Hot dogs in Norway seems like a must.  I believe that it is what people eat the most here. 
 I am not crazy about hoot dogs but when in Norway, you have to do like Norwegians.

Hot dogs are ALWAYS on the menu.  No matter where you go.  On the BBQ grill they taste
 pretty good.  When you talk about fast food, in my experience it is ALWAYS a hot dog.

 I am sure that by the time I leave Norway II would have eaten more hot dogs than I do in the
rest of the year when in the USA.  Back home in Florida or Chicago, I never eat a hot dog.  I can't 
say it's my favorite, but like I say you go with the flow and every time I can get out of it I do.

Yes, we are in Norway.  Countdown to how many hot dogs we can eat in
 the next few days.  We actually had a hot dog at the airport in Chicago.

Little Norwegian HotDog Facts:

The Norwegian icon ‘pølse’ is just sausage similar to a Hot Dog or Frankfurter, however, 
at least 45 million kilograms of pølse (that’s 100kg of pølse per person) is eaten every year. 
 Norway is the biggest sausage eating country per capita in the world!  Pølse is THE fast food
 of Norway.  They are sold at service stations, news agents, corner stores and fast food outlets. 

Combined with the beautiful scenery, 
I think I can handle a few hot dogs again this summer.

To all a good day.  Our days will be spent visiting family.  Every day we see 
Arvids mom, we also will try to see Michelle and family each day and then make our
 rounds to Victoria, Arvid's brother and some friends.  It's a full schedule as always.

Was a very good fist day with everyone.  Lunch at our favorite pizza store and time 
spent talking, laughing and playing with the little ones.  Could it get any better?

You don't know "the struggle" until you've eaten hotdogs sandwich bread...