Jul 23, 2016

Saturday In Norway...

Never apologize for showing feeling.  
When you do so, you apologize for the truth...

On Friday I get a text from Sachin, my nephew.  Usually at home we text quite often. 
 Mostly we chat when soccer games are going on.  Both him and Arvid like the same teams
 and the same players so by me he and Arvid are really chatting.  I love this because it is another
 bond that makes life so much better.  I love my Sachin so when he is sad and hurting my
 heart is breaking and not being thee to soothe him and worst of all not being able to help 
him is killing me.  Being in Norway right now makes me feel the distance even more.

Two days ago Sachiin texted me and told me that Jaxen, their doggie may have cancer.
Right now a little boy's heart is breaking, and I don't know how to help him.

Here in Norway all is good.  Arvid and I had a day by ourselves yesterday and will also 
have one today.  We use these days to do things around town and one of the things we enjoy
 doing is going to visit the cemetery where his dad is.  Always peaceful times there.  

Both sets of my grand parents are dead.  The last being my grandmother in Canada.
Sadly I have never been to the cemetery after her funeral.  Every year we  come to his
 dad's in Norway.  Makes for one of our best times here also.  I hope one day I can
 go visit my grandmother.  Canada after all is much closer than Norway is.

Arvid and I had a little outing yesterday to a nearby town called Tonsberg.
  Beautiful place right on the water so in a way it feels like being home again.  When 
you are in the sun in Norway it is extremely HOT!!  Neither Arvid nor I can do this.  

He used too be a sun lover, but now the sun bothers him. Norwegians love sitting in the 
sun and who can blame them?  Their summer is very short.  We live in Florida and we
 NEVER sit in the sun and we try to stay out of it as much as possible.  

He choose to sit in the sun because we know as soon as it goes down it gets COLD.  
After about 20 minutes in the sun Arvid was uncomfortable and said he has had enough.
  Before an hour we left and according to him that was the last of Tonsberg for us. Too
 bad because it is a pretty place.  He did manage a beer, and me creme brulee.

I have been less stressed this year.  I don't have my Brutus to worry about anymore, I think
 of Sniff Sniff and I know he is good.  I am missing my Brutus everyday and I look forward
very much to going home back to our Sniff Sniff and to our life back inn the USA.

To all a very good Saturday.  Here in Norway July is vacation month.  Everyone in the country
 is on vacation.  Well just about everyone.  The days are beautiful and the nights as well.

I hate the feeling when I really want to help, but there is nothing I can do.
Make the best of what is in your power and let the rest just happen.
After all tomorrow is another day...