Jul 13, 2016

Wednesday.. Almost Time

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, 
and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are...

Arvid and I are going to one of our favorite restaurants today.  It will be 18 days before
we will have another meal in the USA, and that is one of the things I will really miss.  I am 
not too crazy about Norwegian food.  Too bland and being Indian I love spicy foods.

There are definitely a few things i do like in Norway and we definitely plan to enjoy some 
of those dishes.  I love the Norwegian shrimp.  It is one of the best foods I  have in Norway.  
Just fresh shrimp salted,  boiled in hot water and served cold on bread and with lots 
of salad stuff to accompany it.  Delicious and so very simple.  We have it at 
Arvid's mom's place and we also have it at Victoria's.  I always look forward 
to those meals and yes I eat a lot!!!  It's just too good not to.

Arvid and I are not packed as yet, but we have many more hours to do so.  Packing 
is not a big deal since we travel light.  Well he does and I always say I will, but I 
don't know what happens.  I pack too much and never use half of what I take.
  This year I am packing VERY LIGHT.  Yes, I am.  Definitely.  For sure!!!

Brutus hated when we left him alone.  I hated it even more.  Shadow was too little
to know or to care.  He just wanted to run around and play.  Sniff so far has no clue either.
With Brutus we always packed on the day of travel.  As of right now we have not yet
started packing for our trip to Norway.  The trip is tomorrow, but both Arvid, and I do
 not require much time so will pack right before we are ready to leave.  This way
Sniff does not get stressed.  As of now he is calm and sleeping quietly.

Good morning everyone.  Busy day here.  Have to make sure all of Sniff's things are clean.
 Well stocked and that I leave tons of little notes all over the place for the 2 pet sitters.
Yes!!  I'm a nutcase, but when it comes to the kitty's well being I don't mind.

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion
 and avoid the people, you might better stay at home...