Apr 12, 2017

And So Begins Wednesday~

Live life like someone left the gate open...

Talk about bad allergies!  I now know all about that, and it's only been for about
 2 weeks now since I have started with it!  Have tried the so called "best" 
allergy medication and as of right now I still have the sneezes!  

If anyone knows a better way to treat allergies, I am open to suggestions. 
 A few of the tenants at my hotel have told me to try locally grown honey. 
 Not crazy about honey, but that's next on my list of things to buy for allergy.

From what I understood, when a person eats local honey, they are thought to 
be ingesting local pollen.  Over time it seems that one may become less sensitive to 
the pollen in the area.  As a result they may experience fewer seasonal allergy 
symptoms. Well definitely worth a try.  On the hunt soon for local honey.

Yesterday was a fairly "quiet" day at the hotels.  Arvid is usually 
doing lots of running around, shopping for things we need.  I am at all 
times at my hotel.  Unlike Arvid, I do not have anyone who can take care of the 
office business as he does.  Gives him a little more flexibility than it does to me.

I keep telling Arvid that I don't want us to get caught up in a life of just work, work,
 and work.  For now I know it is how it has to be, but I want the day to come
 again when we will make time for us.  Time for our families, and yes 
time when we can travel together again and see our grand kids.  

This year I will not be able to see them, and that is definitely not making
 me happy.  I love Aleah and Vanessa and I don't want them to not know
 me.   I do NOT want to be that busy! This bothers me a lot.

Happy Wednesday all.  Half of the week already done.  
Time files when you're having fun, and staying busy.

My past does not define me, it has enabled me to learn and grow
into what I want to become tomorrow.  Live to live and you will learn to live...