Apr 3, 2017

Monday Again ~

New Monday.  New week.  New goals...

One of my favorite sights in Branson is this Ferris wheel.   Coming all the way from
 Chicago.  Be it night or day, I just can't seem to stop taking pictures of it.  At night
 the colors change as the wheel goes around and around.  Have not gone on it and
 don't think I will.  Not that brave anymore, but I still enjoy seeing it.

As usual Mondays are busy, but as soon as the day begins it seems like the 
week just takes off and before you know it, it's Friday again.  Love this part of 
staying busy and always not knowing what to expect.  Of course if 
it is something not "good" then I am not happy about that.

Monday is the start of the week and it has always been the unspoken enemy of 
people who totally enjoyed their weekends. Well, that’s quite a lot of people. It is a 
known fact that we really can’t get rid of Monday off the days of the week, people
 need to get up and pretty much drag their ass off the bed and start working the day. 

Monday mornings are the most dreaded moment of the week for many. 
It is the sign that a new work week has to start and that we must say goodbye
 to the bliss and comfort of the Saturday and Sunday. Do not let this
 dreadful moment become something so related with Monday.

Remember that Mondays should be welcomed with great enthusiasm,
 enormous hope and a tank full of energy.  It is after all an new opportunity to 
make things better. Happy Monday all.  Let's get rolling and kick some butt today!

 You can't change what happened last week. but you can 
learn from it and choose happiness  this week...