Apr 25, 2017

Here's To A Good Day...

Ten years from now, make sure you can say
you chose your life, you didn't settle for it...

Arvid's birthday was on Sunday. We woke up to cool temperatures, 
but as the day progressed it just got warmer and warmer.  After a breakfast 
of bacon and eggs, it's our usual Sunday breakfast, Arvid watched a few 
soccer games on then we went to my hotel to check on a few things.

 After that it was the usual trip to Home Depot and Lowes.  Arvid bought tiles 
for his and I bought a few plants and planters for the outside of my hotel.  Everything
 was nice and quiet.  Such a good feeling especially after knowing that we
 have really worked hard these last 5 months to accomplish this.  Especially
 Arvid. His hotel has gone through a total transformation from 
what it was the day we took over  to what it is today.
 Arvid has worked hard towards that!

For Arvid's birthday I took him to a place called Chateau on the Lake. 
Very nice place and the view reminded us of being in the Eleuthera, Bahamas
.  The sun was shining and both he and I actually got a tan.  Was a beautiful day.

 Food was good and Arvid even enjoyed dessert.  He had the creme brûlée. 
 As Arvid keeps saying, "since coming here I eat more and I eat a lot of different 
foods."  True. His appetite is larger but at the same time he has lost 
quite a lot of weight. Same can't be said for me.

Weather is Missouri is strange we wake up to the 40's and in about 4
hours it goes to the high 70's.  Not complaining but still strange.

Sniff had a good day. He slept a lot had some extra treats and lots of love.

The work week is going by fast as usual.  Work keeps us very busy and
 having had a Sunday to just relax, enjoy a goof meal with a great
 view was a very special treat for us.  What we used to do as the 
norm back home in Florida is now a very rare thing for us.

Yesterday I had another go at gardening.  I bought 7 different kinds of seeds and
planted 6 of them in the same pot.  I planted the beans by themselves because 
I figure they need to climb on something.  Hopefully something will grow,
 and Arvid will go pick them.  They say that to plant a garden 
is to believe in tomorrow.  Guess that's me.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Time to keep
 trucking away and making every moment count.

Be your own kind of beautiful.  Sometimes you win
sometimes you learn.  It's called life...

~ Nadiya~