Apr 23, 2017

Birthday Boys...

Grow old along with me.   The best is yet to be...

Today Arvid and Sniff celebrate birthdays.  Sniff Sniff is two years old today. 
Arvid just a tad bit older.  It's a good day, but at the same time sad.  When 
Brutus was alive I always bought a card from him to his dada.  Not
 the same anymore.  I love our Sniff Sniff, but I miss my Brutus 
so very much, so much more these last few days.  

Looking back at pictures of Brutus and Shadow all I want to do is cry 
right now.  I know it will get better again, but sometimes all 
of a sudden this so called grief hits you out of nowhere.

Sniff is a happy 2 year old.  He is just a pleasure to have around.  I do love him,
 and sometimes I feel so very guilty trying to see in him all the things that Brutus
 was.  Sniff is Sniff and Brutus was Brutus.  Shadow died so soon he never had
 a chance to develop into that unique little kitty I'm sure he would have been.

To the man I love.  The one I know is there in the good and not so good 
times. Life has changed dramatically for us.  We have survived  and
 been through quite a lot in the last year and a half.  Together we have kept
 each other afloat.  I would not share my life with anyone other than you.

Happy Birthday to Arvid and Sniff.  I love you both.  
Know that Brutus and Shadow love you also and wherever they
 are they send big hugs to their dada.  Brutus in particular.

Life may be tough, but with you by my side it's one
 awful ride.  Happy Birthday to the ones I love...