Apr 18, 2017

Another Day ~

Humble enough to know I am not better than anybody,
and wise enough to know that I am different from the rest...

Anyone who knows Arvid knows that his passion in life is real estate.  The where does
 not matter if there is something for sale be assured Arvid will check it out.  That of
course means me following right next to him.  Be it in the bushes, on the beach,
 in the city, anywhere; if the property is worth looking at we are there.

Arvid saw a for sale sign on a vacant lot next to our home.  Of course he called
 up on it and told me all about the location, the view and the possibilities. 
 Me being always curious was game to checking it out as well.  

We went for a walk, but when I found out that I had to walk through tall 
grass and trees (what I call bushes), I decided I was not  that brave.
  I don't like grass and I don't like what crawls around in grass.  
Told him to go alone that I would wait for him.  I did.

Of course he comes back all excited.  Tells me "it's a killer view."  
I told him, "good,we don't need it and we don't want it."  Hopefully that 
will be that and we will not be buying a vacant lot to make our house with a view.

We have that back home in Florida.  Yesterday a friend posted a Florida sunset.
Made me nostalgic for home.  The sunset was from Tamarac.  We also lived there 
for a while. Though I did not like it much in Tamarac, our house itself was very nice.

Yesterday early in the morning t rained for hours.  Thunder and lightning.  
Sniff is a fairly brave boy.  Though he was scared he did not run in a panic.  He
 was always by our side.  In the early hours of the morning he was laying very close 
to me and every time there was thunder I felt him pushing into me even more. 
 Brutus would have been terrified, but Arvid had thought him to be less scared.  I miss 
my Brutus so very much.  I think of him often and my heart hurts for him and Shadow.

I am into papaya right now so I have it with just about all my meals.
I'm pretty sure I'll soon be tired of it, but for now loving it.  My mom and sisters
 love papaya, me not that crazy about it.  Guess will enjoy it while its there.

Sniff is good.  Life is good.  Some days are better than others, but in the end it
 is what we make of each day, each moment that counts.  I may not always
 have good days, but there is definitely something good in everyday. 
 I have Arvid, Sniff, a wonderful family, amazing friends and yes,
 I have memories.  Those no one can ever take from me.

Hello to another beautiful day.  Branson has seen the last of winter (I hope).
The days are predicted to be sunny, breezy and warm.  Like it!

Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself to others.
It's our differences that make us unique and beautiful...