Apr 15, 2017

~Saturday Vibes~

I love being on vacation and not knowing what day of the week it is..

My niece Reshma and family are enjoying Cancun for Easter.
Basking in the sun, sipping on coconut water.  Sounds like heaven to me.
I have "begged" her to post a picture on Facebook, but her answer was, "I don't want 
to."  Just have to wait and hope.  At least she sent these to me.  She loves me!!! 

Sachin, my nephew is into everything soccer.  The first thing he did was 
go to the beach and he has already found a few soccer beach buddies. 
 Guess his vacation is already a success.  I love that boy!!

Here in Branson all is good.  As usual busy.  Time to look into tickets! 
 Arvid has already consulted a few times with Michelle yesterday making sure 
she and the girls will be ready and available when he gets there, and fortunately 
we were also able to Skype with them.  Little Vanessa called me 
"bestemor"  means grandma.  Made me super happy!!!

That's Aleah, Vanessa and of course Lilly Vade.  They make me happy.

Last night was a girls night for me.  Was good.  Arvid even popped in for a beer.
Margaritas, chips and salsa, good company made for a good Friday night.
Happy Saturday Have fun times with the ones you love.

You may call it "girls night"  I call it therapy...