Apr 19, 2017

One Of Those Days Again ~

Sometimes you have to go a long way around the houses to come home...

It's was a very long day at work yesterday.  For some reason I just was not
in the mood to be working.  I saw pictures of my sister and family in Playa del Carmen, 
Mexico and it made both Arvid and I wish we were there right now.  It will pass,
 but for a little there we both missed the life we left behind in Florida.  Guess 
yesterday was just one of those days.  We will have more, but we will also 
get more and more into the life we have now here in Missouri.

Tony and I are working on a room that needs total overhaul at Almost Home.  Yesterday
 we ripped out the carpet from the room did lots of scraping and vacuuming.  By 
the end of today the room will be all prepped and ready for a makeover.

Not being the type to do gardening, I have decided to try and grow tomatoes in 
my new planter.  Yes one of the tree stumps.  I bought the tomato trees
 and all I have to do is plant them.  Sounds much easier when I say it. 
I also bought strawberry seeds or shrubs to grow. 

As you see I planted them in the stump yesterday.  Had my machete ready in case
 any bugs should dare to show up.  Fortunately it went peacefully.  The only "bug" 
were the neighbors and they were nice.  The girl even came t me and said, 
"gosh you are so beautiful.  What is your nationality?"  That being cleared 
up she picked a flower, the white one in the planter and handed it to me. 

Arvid like me is busy.  His place requires more of his presence than 
mine does, and he has someone there taking care of the office when he's
 not around.  Unlike my place.  I'm the only one running the office.

Allergies have been better yesterday.  Weather wise it is very warm already. 
 Not complaining, but I am sure the summer will be very HOT!!

Already Wednesday.  Have to find someone to cut my hair.  Thought I did,
 but when I said I was not happy to have her run between me and someone else 
she said, "Oh you don't like being double booked?"  That was it.  I got up said 
goodbye and now I have to find someone else to cut my hair.  Not so easy.

I love those random memories that make me smile no
 matter what is going on in my life right now.  

When something bad happens you have three choices.  You can either let
 it define you.  Let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you...