Apr 11, 2017

Happy Tuesday ~

Transformation Tuesday.  Success doesn't come to you.  You go to it.

Being gone so much these days makes it a little difficult to have much time with 
Sniff, but both Arvid and I try to make up for it when we are home with him. 
 Every morning he gets lots of brushing from me and as soon as I come home 
in the afternoons early evenings I make sure to have quality time with him.

  Sniff Sniff is still is not too fond of being picked up, but he loves being 
touched and we do it all the time.  He gets lots of petting from both of us.  He
 can never seem to get enough of that.  Bot Arvid and I are happy to oblige.

Monday came and went fast.  Sunday was very relaxing and it was one of 
the first Sundays I can remember that we did not do much running around.  We
 had time to go out and have our Sunday outing just the way we used to do back home.  
The weather was beautiful and we had an outdoor table by the water.  Was perfect.

I have been having serious allergy attacks.  Sunday was the worst.  Sneezed for hours. 
 Was awake with the worst sinus headache.  Never have I had an allergy problem,
 but now with all the pollen and flowers here in Branson, I sure am having it. 
 Another reason I love city life.  Condos.  Concrete and no grass.  

As Tuesday begins I know it is going to go by fast.  The time sure 
is flying. Weather is perfect.  Sunshine and warm predicted for the next
 few days.  Can't believe that we are actually hot. Arvid got a tan on Sunday 
just by sitting out while we had lunch.  We never did in Florida, but
 everywhere else we do.  He even gets a tan when in Norway.

Hopefully everyone has had a good start of the work week.  Mondays are usually
 the hardest of days to go by for many, now it's done and for sure the rest will fly by.

If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change...