Oct 27, 2017

A Good Day To All ~

Take some time for you and get a new perspective on life.
Let yourself relax and enjoy every moment as it comes your way...

Our week has been a good one so far.  We indulge in many things we
normally won't in Florida.  Here it's usual to have a milkshake with lunch.  Not the
best eating habits, but we do frequent many diners and a milkshake is a "must"

Nighttime Arvid likes to indulge in his little snickers ice cream.  Back home
in Florida anything sweet was strictly for the weekend.  Arvid is fortunate
because he just seems to melt away all his calories.  The man is in constant
movement.   Not the same for me.  Seems to stick to my body.

It has been a difficult week to dress.  The mornings have been freezing,
but then during the day it warms up nicely.  Not complaining.  I start the day
in UGG's and end it in flip flops. Feels silly to be wearing UGG's when the
temperature hits 80's, but feels right when the day starts in the 40's.  

One of the things I love here is being able to see the deers. 
We have been lucky in that we have been seeing them at least twice
a week.   So far they have not posed any threats on the road to us. 
They just seem to like grazing on the side of the.

Weekend is looking good.  Nothing planned so far, but I know
that we will be doing something interesting.  I'm ready.

To all a happy Friday.  May your weekend be full of adventure
and cheer, and may the start of the next week be a long way from here.

Put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care,
because it's Friday. It's time to do the Friday dance.  Happy weekend friends...