Oct 9, 2017

New Week Begins ~

I never lose.  Either I win or I learn.
Think positive and positive things will happen...

Another week has gone by.  Soon it will be a year since Arvid, Sniff
and I moved to Missouri.  We have had a dramatic change in lifestyle and
what we have learned in the last year has forever changed us. 

We have experienced more than we imagined.  The good and the not
so good. Goes hand in hand in this business, but most of all we have learnt
from the people.  Here it is not about what you have that matters, it's about 
how you share what you have.  It's about helping your neighbors. 
It's about giving and not expecting anything in return.

This has been a good week.  We had a friend visiting from Florida
and managed to spend time with him.  We showed him around and took
him to our favorite place.  Seeing Arvid and him together was good they
both miss each other very much.  One day we will be back in Florida,
and things will be "normal" again.  For now though life here is good.

We enjoyed a quiet and relaxing day at home yesterday.
Both Arvid and I were more than happy to not go out.  Having the "manflu"
definitely puts a damper on going out.  New week begins, still not feeling 100%, but
 better than Arvid right now.  He is hoarse and his voice sounds pretty dreadful.

In Vermont, Reshma, our niece went home for the weekend.  Long weekend
and all college kids go home to their parents for a little pampering.
 At least she did, and in the process they have been checking out on some
adorable golden retrievers.  Now I'm in love and I also want one.

In California, our nephew Riley celebrated his 15th birthday.  All he
wanted was to see Coldplay inn concert.  Wish was granted
and he saw them in San Diego.  Lucky kids.

Happy new week to everyone.  Today is Columbus Day.  Many have the day off,
fortunately for me the malls are still open and I think I will visit one of them.

Life is like a camera.  Focus on what's important.  Capture the good times. 
 Develop from the negatives, and if things don't work out take another shot...