Oct 23, 2017

New Day ~

Monday is the perfect day to correct last week's mistakes...

After a fairly exhausting work week, we have managed to have some relax
 time over the weekend.  Feeling refreshed and almost ready to face the 
new week ahead.  Sniff as always is constantly refreshed.  He does
 get lots of cat naps so life for him is fairly easy going.

Arvid and I went to one of our favorite spots on Saturday.  Enjoyed the
 ambiance and a little nibble.  Always makes me happy and makes the weekend 
even more special to just getaway and see something different.

Yesterday was rainy and a bit on the cold side.  Even though the
 temperatures were not that low it felt cold to me.  Neither Arvid nor I felt 
like going out to dinner so we stayed in.  Had a home cooked mean and did
 some paperwork. Was good to spend most of the day at home with Sniff.

Fall is beautiful and I am witnessing here in Branson.  Fall in Vermont is 
stunning as per this picture my sister sent over the weekend.

The above picture was taken by my brother-in-law in Vermont.
The colors, the fog everything combines to make it a perfect postcard picture.

To all a very good start of the day and may this new week be a
 productive and amazing one.  Hello cold Monday.  Let's do it!

You can't change what happened last week, but you 
can learn form it and choose happiness this week...