Oct 25, 2017


Some people are going to leave, but that's not the end of your story.
That's the end of their part in your story...

Here at Almost Home many of my tenants are from Florida. 
In about a weeks time one of them will be going back to Florida
after having lived over 20 + years in Branson.  For her it is a
bittersweet move, but it is something she has to do.

As a little treat and a way of saying we will miss you, I took her and her
closest friends out to lunch.  Her place of choice was Steak and Shake,
because "I just love their chocolate milkshake" is what she said.

I have grown accustomed to her.  To all of them and I will miss her.
At the same time, we all wish her the very best in this new chapter in life.

She leaves behind her some very good friends, and one
in particular is going to be missing her very much.

In the extended stay business that we own, we see people come and go. 
At Almost Home I have a steady set of tenants who have been here from
the time I have. many still are and it is those that I am attached to.
I am grateful to the many things I have learned from all of them.

All the best to Miss Barbara in this new chapter.  You've got
a new story to write and it looks nothing like your past.
Our day begins very cold, but will soon be warming up.

The thing about new beginnings is
that they require something else to end...