Oct 16, 2017

New Week Again ~

Be grateful for all you have,
but never settle for less than you can be...

On any given Sunday you can find us relaxing and enjoying ourselves at The Landings.  
Be it for a good meal or just browsing around, there is something for everyone.

Arvid never gets tired of checking out the cars.  He always buys
 the raffle tickets, so far we have not had any luck, but you never know 
what can happen.  It already tagged with Florida plates. 
 Would be sweet to win it and drive it home.

The Branson Fountain at sunset is always a favorite with me.  No matter 
how often we go there I always have to take pictures of it.  Always a beautiful sight.

The next few days we will be waking up to very cold temperatures.
Good thing is that as the day progresses it will get warmer and 
the sun will be shining. Could not be any better.  Loving it!

Sniff Sniff never wastes a chance to catch the rays.  He can fall asleep in the 
blink of the eye in just about any spot.  But his favorite is always to be as 
close as possible to me.  As soon as I sit Sniff makes himself comfy, 
closes his eyes and is once again in dreamy land.

Good morning everyone.  May this be the start of a great new week.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. 
 The time will pass anyway.  Mondays are for fresh starts...