Oct 6, 2017

End Of Her Summer Here In Branson ~

A mind that is stretched by new experience
can never go back to its old dimensions...

Through the course of the last few months, Branson has seen quite a number
of international workers.  Our hotels have housed students from many countries.
  Every summer Branson has an agreement with different countries
to bring in foreign students into their work force. 

I have seen quite a few and have met even more.  I have been in contact
with one young woman from weeks before she was leaving Romania
to come to Branson. We messengered and we talked making
arrangements for her and some friends to stay at 76 Inn.

This young woman, just to use he as an example, came to Branson. 
Worked 2 jobs and in her spare time visited just about everything
worth seeing and doing.  Her job in Branson has come to
an end, but she continues to see as much as she can
in her last two weeks here in the USA.  

Her first stop has taken her to The Bellagio in Las Vegas. 
From there on as she puts it, "anything and everything is game" 
Boy I know when I was younger we did not have these opportunities. 
This young girl just barely 24 years of age has probably seen more
of the USA than most people living here in the USA.  She has visited
just about every country in Europe and she is just 24.

Today's destination takes her to Arizona.  The Grand Canyon.
She and friends are definitely in for a treat.  An amazing sight awaits them.

Back in Romania she is a software test engineer.  Summertime she
chooses a different state to visit and to work.  After she is done with work
she takes 2-3 weeks to visit as many other places here in the USA as
possible. To be young again... No matter age, opportunities are endless.
  All it takes is for us to want it enough and determination.

Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn,
but most of all experiences to enjoy...