Oct 13, 2017

Friday 13th ~

It may be Friday the 13th, but it is still Friday
and a reason to dance.  13 is just a number...

Finally I can actually see that my hair has grown.  Usually it grows in width,
but now I can see the actual length as well.  Happy as can be.  Yesterday
when I had a haircut I almost told the girl to cut it all off.  Almost. 

We have warmed up quite a bit again.  Everyone now complaining how hot it is.
Everyone except Arvid of course.  It's a heat wave here..again without the humidity.

Here at Almost Home I am already planning our Thanksgiving gathering.  The tenants
all look forward to their turkey with all the trimming meal.  Will have it catered, but
many have already said they would like to bring something.  That's OK with me.

Friday the 13th.  Could not be a more beautiful day here in Branson.
Happy Friday the 13th.  Have a killer day.

What did Saturday the 14th say to Friday the 13th?  
I'm coming after you.  Don't make me have to go all Jason on you...