Oct 17, 2017

Life ~

You have to fight through some bad 
days to earn the best days of your life...

These babies live in California.  Their mama is my best friend Anna,
Her Taino is 17 years young as she says.  His birthday was October 1st.  Anna
has 2 other kitties as you can see, but her Taino is her heart and her baby.

Taino is slowing down a bit, his mama is worried.
He is after all her baby, and her baby is 17 years old.

My week has started with a bang.  Guess it will be
another week that will fly by before we know.
Difficult days and decisions lay ahead.

We woke up to very cold temperatures this morning in Branson.

Anna.  Remember hope is the only thing stronger than fear.
 We love you!  I know these are difficult days you face. Wish I was there
 with you, but know that my thoughts and prayers are with you

Baby it's cold outside...