Feb 21, 2018

About Yesterday ~

What worked yesterday doesn't always work today.
Today is the best time to do what you could not do yesterday,
because tomorrow might be too late...

No matter where we are we seem to always be busy.  Somehow even
 busier here in Florida than with the hotels.  Yesterday was a busy, but very good day.  
We managed to take care of business and then we visited our nephew J in Miami.  

We saw his apartment, chatted for a while then walked to one
 of the nearby restaurants.  There we had a good meal and believe it 
or not once again we choose to go to a Latin restaurant.  We sure 
are getting into the hang of Latin food.  For now though I 
think we have had enough Latin food for this trip.

We also had a trip to the warehouse in Miami.  We still do our shipping
 even when in Branson, but now that we are here it's good to go to the
 warehouse, check out the merchandise and make sure all is good.

Last night we took a little time out for ourselves.  We went too a concert.
 The artist was not the best, but we had a great time even so. Together
 with a good friend it was a night of fun, laughter, music and
 yes quite a few drinks for the "boys." Happy times.

Not sure what today holds as yet.  All I know is that we are having
a good time, but I am so ready to go home.  Again last night Arvid
spoke to Chris our maintenance man at Almost Home and
said to him, "can't wait to get home and relax."

I know Arvid does not look forward to the cold, but I also
know we both look forward to being home and seeing little Sniff.

To all a very good day.  As mentioned before another beautiful day awaits
 us here in the Sunshine State, best part soon it will be time to go home.

If you go anywhere, even Paradise, you will miss your home.
It's not the home that I love, it's the life that is lived there...