Feb 28, 2018

Feeling Positive ~

Everything has changed and yet, I'm more me than I've ever been...

A beautiful sunny day ended up with dropping temperatures
 and rain. Thankfully it was already time to go home, on 
the bright side my car got a much needed "wash"  

For me every time it rains I look at it as free car wash. 
 Unlike Florida, here our cars are not that "taken care of."  
We do not wash them as often, so a little rain is always good.

Sniff was all over the umbrella.  First a little scared, but he got braver
 and ventured under it.  Sniff Sniff is a good kitty.  He "talks" to us
 and definitely lets us know when he wants something.  But his all
 time favorite thing in the world is to lay between Arvid's legs.

It's just great being back home.  We sleep better, we eat better and we are 
constantly busy.  Although no matter where we go we stay busy,  but our
 busy here makes us feel so good.  In between of all the "work" I get to chat 
with the tenants.  Since coming back I have had many hugs and it feels so good.

Life is good. Everyday may not be good, but there is always something
 good about each day.  We just have to look for it and go for it.

Sometimes happiness is a feeling.
Sometimes it's a decision...