Feb 22, 2018

Counting Down The Days ~

I've been counting down the days for this.
Now it's almost here.  I'm loving it...

When we came here in January, it was extremely traumatic for me.
  Everything brought back memories of Brutus and Shadow in spades. 
 This time it has been "easier"  I was let's say "better" prepared.

~Florida Living~
The apartment still feels empty.  It is still not home yet for me.  
I am missing the sounds of little footsteps. I am missing
 Sniff  Sniff. Yes, the little paw prints are missing. 

 Both Arvid and I feel it, but we don't talk too much about it.  
This time, together with thinking and missing Brutus, I am also missing
 our Sniff Sniff very much.  This place will never be my home 
again until Sniff is here with us.  That being said i miss 
home and I am ready to go back home to Branson.

The other day I worked up the courage to throw away all 
of Brutus' pills, and yes Shadow's as well.  Little Shadow had 
allergies and I still had creams and ointments he was taking.

It was not easy for me, but it was definitely necessary.  As I threw 
away Brutus' pills I couldn't help but cry and scream.  So many pills 
were left.  I used to give it to him 3 times a day.  He hated it 
as much as I hated to give it to him.  My little Brutus.

I cannot yet admit that Brutus is better off.  I just can't.  I am glad he
no longer has to go through the trauma of taking pills and going to
doctors all the time.  But by admitting that, I am acknowledging that
 Brutus is better off.  I just know that life has not been easy for me since
 he died.   Of course now with Sniff it is better and better everyday,
but my Brutus stole my heart and part of my soul is with him.

Right now I just can't wait to get home to Sniff.  All I do is pace
 around and count the hours until we leave.  This is no longer
 home for me.  The day Sniff, Arvid and I come back
 to Florida together only then it will be home again.

It's already Thursday.  Not that much more until we go home.
Today should be good.  Will be keeping myself a little busy
preparing for Victoria and Michael.  Always good times
with them and in that sense, it's going to be a good day.

Will miss the views from our balcony
Happy Thursday all.  Soon  it will be Saturday!
Can't wait.   Happy Thursday. P.S. It's almost Friday...

Always find time for the things
 that make you happy to be alive...