Feb 9, 2018

Relax Mode ~

Freedom is being yourself without permission.
Take time to do what makes your soul happy...

There is something about cats that no matter what kind of day one's having,
 they sure know how to calm you and make you relax.  Just look at Sniff.
  No matter what the day brings, as soon as I sit next to him he curls
 up by my side and before you know it he is fast asleep.  

Looking at him and feeling his warmth makes everything better.  
Kitties have a soothing personality.  Arvid will be the first to say so,
 our Brutus taught him more about patience, relaxation and 
love than anyone I know.  Now Sniff is following suit.

All is good here in Branson.  Having sold 76 Inn has given us
 "freedom" again.  Suddenly we are able to do things we have not 
done in a year.  We are back to planning little trips here and there, and this 
year I will be able to go with Arvid to Norway again.  Last year, we hardly
 did much travelling, and if we did it was on our own.  One of us
 had to stay back to take care of the hotels.  Now with Chris and 
Tiffany at Almost Home, we can do so much again.

With some extra time on our hands, the possibilities are endless again.
 Now it's not all about work, work and work.  We have time to enjoy
some of the things we have been missing in the last year and.
I would not have changed the last year no matter what.
 It was exactly what we needed at the right time.

It gave us time to keep our minds busy.  having lost Brutus and
Shadow was too much.  In Florida everything brought Brutus and Shadow
 vividly back.  In Branson, neither has been.  It's all about Sniff and us.
 Yes, in my quiet moments my mind wanders.  No place nor no one will
EVER change that.  It is what it is, but today life is good again.

At Almost Home Valentine's day candy is already out for everyone.
A few of the tenants got a little something extra, just because.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Chilly, but with the sun shining it just felt perfect.
Yes, I like the cold, and yes I know one day I will miss this weather.
 For now I am enjoying it everyday, but that does not mean that I
will not welcome a few warmer days in the Sunshine State.

Already Friday.  Looking forward to seeing what the day hold.
To all a happy start of the weekend.  Happy Friday all.

Beautiful mindset, beautiful day.  Give every day the 
chance to become the most beautiful day f your life. Never let
 the things you want make you forget the things you have...