Feb 7, 2018

It's Cold Out There ~

Today's forecast, Holy Smokes! I can't feel my face degrees... 

For Arvid and I there does not have to be a reason to celebrate. 
 We find a reason in just about anything, but when there 
is a reason it sure makes the celebration exciting.

A few adult beverages and we were happy as can be.  What day it was
 did not matter because after all this was a celebration well worth it.
Soon we will be having a few days in the Sunshine State.  

What better reason to celebrate?  This cold is getting tiresome. 
 Worst part is that I think I am getting the cold again.  How crazy is that? 
 After all I did get the flu shot about a month ago.

Wednesday morning.  Yesterday evening we had some rain.  
Turned into sleet and ice.  Now it sure will be interesting to see 
how the roads are.  Almost Home is covered in salt.

Arvid made us his famous hot chocolate last night, and enough 
is left for breakfast.  After making the hot chocolate Arvid said 
to me, "maybe I should take up some more cooking?"

Not sure what cooking he meant, but will leave it there for now.
Happy wednesday all.  Soon the weekend is here again.

I wasn't made for winter, I want my flip flops...