Feb 13, 2018

Music ~

Where words fail music speaks...

One thing we have really missed since leaving Florida is music.
  Arvid and I used to go to different venues to listen to the Blues
 just about every chance we had.  We travelled towards the music. 

 It was a good life and I know one day it will be ours again.  
For now it was just great to go to a Blues Festival.  A few days 
ago we went to The Seafood Music Festival at Mizner Park in 
Boca Raton.  It was good to put on shorts and flip flops.

  Together with a very good friend we spent an entire day out. 
 Good music, good food and good company.  That is life.  

After the festival we visited one of our favorite restaurants on the 
Intracoastal.  Was a first for our friend.  A good dinner and 
a nice cruise along the beach made for a perfect day.
 Somehow 8 hours did not seem that long.

We are having a good time.  Sniff is well cared for and all is good 
at the hotels.  Tiffany and Chris have it all under control.  Never before
 have we experienced so much "free" time since we have owned the hotels. 
 The best thing to have happened to us was Chris and Tiffany.  Because 
of them we can now have time to do a few more "fun" stuff.

My life is good and it will keep getting better...