Feb 4, 2018

Sunday ~

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow.  What are you grateful for today...

Super Bowl Sunday. My favorite part is the opening where the National
 Anthem is sung and the halftime entertainment.  Today Pink sings
 the National Anthem and halftime is Justin Timberlake.  

Could be entertaining. As far as the game goes, I could care less, 
but I’m sure we will be watching some of it.  Arvid usually
 bets with one of my nephews or Danielle.  As of now no bets
 have been placed, but that can change soon.

Still very cold here, but as mentioned before it does not bother 
me as much as it does Arvid.  He is one Viking who is NOT 
a Viking.   Sniff is more a Viking than Arvid is. Any day.  

As always weekends are packed with soccer. Depending on the games
 and when the breaks are, Arvid calls his family.  Today is main game is 
Liverpool vs Tottenham.Some days I am really at a loss for words 
with Arvid. He seems to schedule his days around soccer.

Sniff is getting closer and closer to us everyday and we to him.
  He is such a good boy. He reminds me everyday that life
goes on, and that there is always room to give love. 

My Brutus will always be my baby. I think of him everyday, 
but it is Sniff who we have with us. It is his warm furry
 body that cozies up to us everyday.  It feels good

Yes life goes on and my heart has room for it.  Missing Brutus is 
something I don’t think I will ever stop doing.  He took my heart with him.
Last night I asked Arvid if he ever thinks of Brutus, his answer "more than
 you know."  There was something about Brutus.  He saw into our souls.

Life is good.  We have everything we need and we are fortunate 
and always grateful.  I may not have everything I want, but I have what I need.

Sunday and it's the big day ~ Super Bowl LII
Have a fun day all and remember ~what are you grateful for~

Be thankful for what you have.  
Be fearless for what you want...