Mar 21, 2018

Already Wednesday ~

Where words fail, music speaks...

On Sunday Arvid and I drove to St. Louis, Missouri to see The Eagles in concert.  
This is the second time we have seen them and just like the first time, 
it was amazing.  You can just tell they love what they are doing 
it comes out in their music and in the performance. 

Due to the death of one of their band members, The Eagles hired 
country western singer Vince Gill and Deacon Frey, son of the late Eagles 
member Glenn Frey.  They were both amazing, and though I do not follow 
many country western musicians, I did know of Vince Gill.  I actually 
have one of his songs on my playlist.  His voice is amazing.

The night was cold, but at the same time beautiful.  The concert was sold out.
Found out that Rima and family will be going to see The Eagles in
 San Diego later this year.  Also one of my uncles in Orlando will
be seeing them in April.  None will be disappointed.

Back home all is well.  The Almost Home is full and we have a long
list of people wanting to have a room.  As Tiffany said, "we need to
build another 20 rooms or so."  Not a "bad" problem to have.

Sniff was happy to have us back home and he has not stopped chasing around us.
 Last night he slept very close to me.  Something he has not done in some time.

Spring is here, that means the birds and the squirrels are in the backyard
 all the time.  Sniff is constantly on the alert.  Sniff loves it here in Branson.
 He is constantly entertained by everything in our backyard.  He's a
happy boy.  Brutus also loved to watch the birds.  How I miss him.

To all a beautiful day and may Spring breathe
new life into the world around us.  Hello Spring.

No matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will
 still spring up in the middle of nowhere...